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Jolo: Bomb at Cathedral, Security Measures Tightened

ICC Note

A bomb was discovered next to a church in the main square of Jolo. Fortunately, the bomb was recovered and safely detonated before any damage could be done. Investigations are underway to determine the responsible party.


6/16/08 Philippines (AsiaNews) Security has been tightened in Jolo, in the province of Sulu, the theatre of a bloody war between the Philippine army and Islamic rebel groups, after the discovery of a bomb in the central square of the city, near the cathedral, on Saturday evening.

In the meantime, a dissident leader of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, accused of participating in the kidnapping of Fr Giancarlo Bossi, a PIME missionary kidnapped in Payao in June of 2007, has been killed in the area of Sibugay, in Zamboanga.

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