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GFA Missionary Attacked by Teens After Sharing Gospel

6/13/08 Maharashtra , India (ANS) — Gospel for Asia missionary Amit Patil walked back to his home in Maharashtra , India , with a bruised body and injuries marking his face on April 2. His attackers were a group of young teenagers who were angry that he was sharing the Gospel of Christ in their hometown.

Earlier that day, Amit visited a nearby city, where he is well known, to proclaim the Gospel to its people. He was invited into the home of a local resident, Lavanya, where he was given the opportunity to teach her and her husband about the goodness of Jesus Christ.

Lavanya and her husband listened intently to Amit’s message, and the Lord began working in their hearts. They chose to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior that same day.

Amit left Lavanya’s home rejoicing, happy that he could do God’s work in reaching more unsaved souls. It was then, as he was returning home, that his attackers stopped him and began asking questions. It wasn’t long before they began punching Amit in the face and the rest of his body.

Weakened from his attack, Amit is now barely able to move. He requests prayer for a speedy recovery so God can continue to use him to rescue people from the slavery of sin.