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Support for UN investigation into Zimbabwe church strife

ICC Note

Various church leaders are asking United Nations to investigate the attacks against churches and church leaders in Zimbabwe .

By Adrian Hal

06/13/2008 Zimbabwe (Religious Intelligence)-AFRICA minister Lord Malloch-Brown has given his support to a call by the Archbishop of Canterbury for the United Nations to investigate the campaign against the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe .

In a joint statement issued at the end of last month, the Most Rev Rowan Williams and the Archbishop of Cape Town said there had been “a sharp escalation of violence” and that services had been “disrupted and worshippers beaten or prevented from attending church by security and police force attacks on churches across Harare diocese”.

Lord Malloch-Brown said he “certainly would” support the call for a UN investigation and added: “I observe that the attack on the Anglican Church clearly represents the effort to close down any free, fair and objective voices in the country in advance of the second round of elections.”

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