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Islamic Radicalism Backfires

ICC Note:

Following the attack on a Christian village in the Malakus and the more recent attack on an interfaith religious tolerance rally, Indonesians are beginning to call for the government to outlaw these conservative Islamic activists groups. Police have reportedly arrested 57 members of the Islamic Defender’s Front.


6/5/08 Indonesia (StrategyPage) While local Islamic radicals have backed away from violent terrorism (bombs), and instead concentrated on harassing others to become more religiously conservative, this has not worked either. Indonesians are pretty tolerant and easy going, but they have their limits. Now those limits have been reached, and there are popular calls for the government to outlaw the Islamic conservative activist groups.

This, combined with recent revelations of how Islamic terrorists still operate in the country, supported by groups based in mosques and universities, created a popular backlash. The attack on the rally was televised, and showed Islamic radicals attacking women and children. Sort of the last straw. Now there are calls to outlaw the Islamic radical groups. For years, the government had hesitated to do that, fearful that there would be popular support for the religious radicals. Now it is obvious that this is not the case. The Islamic radicals, true to form, have threatened to violently resist any attempts to shut them down. This could get ugly, in a country that gave the world the word, “amok.”

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