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Algerian Christian converts fined

ICC Note

The Algerian government’s crack down on Christians is getting attention from news media like BBC. We commend BBC for reporting on freedom of religion issue. Algerian government should be held accountable for failing to protect freedom of religion to its Christian minorities.

06/03/2008 Algeria (BBC News)-Four Algerian Christians have been given suspended jail terms and fines for worshipping illegally.

The case has provoked accusations in the West of religious repression in the largely Muslim country of 33 million – a charge the government denies.

But Christian groups point to the ordered closures of some churches.

One man, a computer technician, received a six-month suspended jail sentence and a fine of $3,150.

Three others got lighter penalties, two-month suspended jail terms and half the fine.

The four men admitted they had converted to Christianity but rejected the charge against them – that they were holding an illegal religious ceremony when they were arrested.

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