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Al Jazeera Features Special on China

ICC Note:

In a feature piece on China, Al Jazeera included a segment about the declining state of religious freedom in China. They have also included a video on youtube from their series, People & Power, that follows an evangelical Christian pastor whose house church was shut down by the government as he ministers in small villages throughout the country.


6/4/08 China (AlJazeera) As the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games loom ever closer People & Power is running a special series of films from inside China – the country that many believe will define the 21st century.

On the run from the authorities that have just closed down his ‘illegal’ house-church in Beijing, we follow an evangelical charismatic Christian preacher as he tours the country spreading the word of God.

From believers explaining how they have less religious freedoms now than during the Cultural Revolution to sermons about politics and religion that rile against Hu Jintao and the Communist Party, and from scenes of mass conversions to hearing accounts of Christians being imprisoned and beaten, we learn how religion is being suppressed in China.

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