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Germany may act alone to rescue Iraqi Christians, Merkel aide says

ICC Note

German officials are considering extending asylum to Iraqi Christians that are fleeing the increasing persecution in their country. Some members of European Union are against the idea of giving preferential treatment to Iraqi Christians. Iraqi Christians are one of the most vulnerable groups in the country. Unlike other groups, they don’t have militias that protect them and they are associated with the British and American forces in the country. Because of these factors, they should indeed be given preferential treatment.

06/03/2008 Iraq (The Earth Times)- Germany may act alone to rescue Iraqi Christians if fellow European Union nations continue to refuse a joint welcome to the refugees, according to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s top adviser on immigration Tuesday. Maria Boehmer said in Berlin that members of the ancient Christian minority were regularly being threatened by Islamist gangs, who were giving households a choice of converting to Islam or leaving the country within 24 hours.

“In view of the serious human rights crisis in the region, rapid action is needed,” she said in Berlin . “The plight of the non-Muslim minorities which have fled to Jordan and Syria to get away from persecution is getting worse.”

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