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Catholic Bishop Backs Islamic State in Mindanao

ICC Note:

A Catholic Bishop in Mindanao has chosen to back Islamic rebels in their efforts to create an Islamic state in the southern Philippine island. Christians are the majority in Mindanao, and unlike Bishop Pena, ICC does not believe that establishing an Islamic state ruled by Sharia law inside the island would curb violence in any fashion.


6/2/08 Philippines (AdnkronosInternational) A Catholic bishop on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao is backing Islamic rebels in their bid to establish an Islamic state.
Bishop Edwin Dela Pena of Marawi City, a town in the heart of the region dominated by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, said the government should take account of how an Islamic way of life may be lived by Muslims.

Dela Pena added that an Islamic state within the Philippines would allow Muslims to move freely in an Islamic environment without creating problems for Christians.
“Christians are still covered by the civil law of the land while the Muslims are covered by Sharia law. More so, the Islamic state will also allow the creation of Islamic institutions inspired by the Koran,” Dela Pena said.
Christians are the majority in Mindanao, an island in the southern part of the Filipino archipelago once fully inhabited by Islam ethno-linguistic groups, collectively called Moros.

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