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Pastor attacked, beaten and robbed in Madhya Pradesh state, India

By James Varghese

5/29/08 Madhya Pradesh , India (ANS) — A pastor has been brutally attacked, beaten and robbed in Madhya Pradesh state of India .

According to a report issued by, on May 26, Pastor Rampal Kori (30), who works for Eternal Life Ministries, went to Dadar village to conduct a meeting in the home of a church member named Lalmani Saket and the pastor then stayed there overnight after the meeting.

The next day, on the way back from Lalmani’s house, two village leaders of the Hindu Radical group Bajrang Dal (Monkey Brigade) attacked him with iron rods and wooden clubs. One of the men hit Rampal on his head with an iron rod, and he fell to the ground unconscious and bleeding heavily. They then robbed Rampal of 3,000 Indian rupees ($70.4722 USD), which was in his shirt pocket, given by one of the believers for some work to be done.

Hearing the pastor’s scream for help, the believers of the village rushed to the spot and took Rampal to the nearby Government hospital and got his head wound dressed. He gained consciousness and he was given medicines too.

The Police came and First Information Report (FIR) was filed against the culprits but nothing has been done so far.

The Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) requests prayers for Rampal and his family for God’s protection as Christians face a lot of trouble in this area. GCIC has also asked for prayers for God’s hand to move and the people to come to that “Christ is the truth which will set them free.”

Rampal is married and blessed with 3 children.