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Algerian archbishop calls on Muslim government to free convert to Christianity

ICC Note

As Algerian government steps up unjust prosecution of Christians in the country, Christian leaders are expressing their concern over the actions of Algerian government.

05/29/2008 Algeria (CNA).- Archbishop Emeritus Henri Teissier of Algeria has called on that country’s government to free Christian convert Habiba Kouider, who was arrested on April 1 for “practicing a non-Muslim religion” and is facing a three-year prison sentence requested by prosecutors.

In the same city of Tiaret , six Algerian Protestants have been accused of proselytism and were arrested as they left a home where they had met for prayer. Prosecutors are asking for the men to be sentenced to two years in prison for “practicing a religion in an unauthorized place.”

Algerian Minister of Religious Affairs, Bouabdallah Gholamallah, said the group was acting “outside the law” and was seeking to “constitute a (Christian) minority in order to support foreign interference in the internal affairs of Algeria .”

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