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1000 Member House Church Raided in Beijing; Seminary Attacked by Government Officials in Shandong Province

ICC Note:

Government officials raided eight of the Beijing Gospel Church’s separate locations this Sunday, May 25. The pastor was detained, interrogated, and released later that evening. A House Church Seminary was also attacked by more than 30 government officials who forced students to leave the school, beating one and detaining the leaders of the seminary.


5/27/08 China (ChinaAid)

As persecution amongst house churches steadily increases, CAA has learned that, the Beijing Gospel Church was raided by PSB officials on Sunday May 25. The church is home to more than 1000 members and meets at separate locations throughout Beijing . 8 of these locations were disrupted by PSB officials, who then detained Pastor Gao Zhen. Pastor Gao was interrogated and then released at 6:00pm, that evening.

As Nationwide persecution continues to increase CAA has learned that a House Church Seminary in Weifang City, Shandong Province was attacked by more than 30 PSB and RAB officials.

One student, Fan Meiling was beaten by officials before leaving the premises.

Officials also detained the leaders of the seminary, whose names are: Lu ZhaojunZhang YageJin Xiuxiang

Officials confiscated Bibles, Computers, Printers, and even the seminary’s mini-van. The School and its students were charged by authorities of being members of the Falun Gong cult.

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