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The funeral of a Christian in Setif about to cause discord

ICC Note

In Algeria , Muslim converts to Christianity face persecution. The persecution and discrimination against Christians continues even after the Christians pass away.

27/05/2008 Algeria (El-Khabar)-A funeral last week, in the village of Beni Bourmane in the daïra of Bouaândas in Sétif was about to turn to contention, because of a dispute over how to bury the deceased who has embraced the Christian religion.

El Khabar moved to the village of Beni Bourmane known for its commitment to the traditions and Islamic values. In our arrival, we immediately were greeted by the brother of the deceased called Nasreddine, and we visited the tomb of the deceased at the village cemetery and the graves that had been prepared before the conflict.

According to the brother of the deceased, they had initially decided to bury all alone near the old house, as he wanted since childhood, but after the imam had contacted the mufti, they was told he needed to bury the dead on a regular cemetery of the village. This fatwa aims to prevent the tomb to be visited by Christians from all regions of the country, and they have just to disseminate their ideas and evangelization.

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