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Hindu radicals attacked Bible school students in Karnataka

By James Varghese
5/25/08 KARNATAKA, INDIA (ANS) — Fifteen Indian Bible college students were beaten up by Hindu radicals on Saturday, May 24, according to, the website of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC).

Their story said that on Saturday, around fifteen students from Timothy Theological College, Bellary, Karnataka and the college, lecturer, Dr. Issac Namadevu, were beaten up at Sathyanarayanapettai in Bellary district of Karnataka state in India.
The site reported that the incident took place at around 12.30 pm as a group of 20 members belonging to Hindu radical groups, namely Hindu Jagarna Vedike (Hindu Enlightenment Group) and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (World Hindu Council) barged into the rented building of the church-cum-bible college and attacked the students of the school.

The site also reported that a lecturer named Rev. Jayaprakash had been conducting classes for the past two months in the Bible College for more than 15 students.

The radicals beat Rev. Isaac and Rev. Jayaprakash and fifteen students were injured in the attack. Then the radicals tore up Bibles, and smashed the windows and destroyed all the furniture in the facility.

Rev. Jayaprakash has sustained head injury during the attack. The attackers were alleging that he was conducting “forced conversions.”

Through the website. it was known that, Dr. Rev. Isaac Namadevu has filed a complaint against the radicals. As a result, eleven radicals were arrested and retained at Gandhinagar Police Station. An inquiry is still going regarding the case.