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Government strikes a deal with Taliban, Sharia to be enforced in the northern part of the country

ICC Note: This news is a severe setback for Christians in Pakistan, many of whom will now be living under the jurisdiction of the Taliban instead of the slightly less anti-Christian government of Pakistan.

5/22/08 Islamabad, Pakistan (AsiaNews) – The Pakistani government is granting Taliban militias the right to occupy a good chunk of the North-West Frontier Province in order to stop violence by Islamic fundamentalists. Radical Muslims have also obtained the right to set up local Islamic courts which will enforce Sharia or Islamic law.

Under the terms of the agreement central authorities will be able to dismantle many military posts in the area set up to stop suicide attacks by local warlords against the local population. In exchange for these concessions, the extremists must stop their violence and dismantle their training camps.

The deal did not go down well in Washington or with NATO both of which consider such deals as greatly helping al-Qaeda and the Taliban who for a long time have sought refugee in Pakistan. US intelligence sources believe in fact that Osama bin Laden and the mullah Omar are staying in fact in that area… [Go To Full Story]