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Muslim Takes Advantage of Distressed Christian Woman

5/21/08 Pakistan (ICC) – Nusrat Bibi d/o Karamat Masih Christian by faith aged about 32, resident of Hakim Pura Itihad Chemical Factory Tehsil Ferozwala District Sheikhupura. She was only 5 years old when her mother left her along with 3-years- old sister named Farzana, and got married to a Muslim man Mohammad Javed. Nusrat and Farzana lived along with their grandmother. After the death of grandmother their aunt Surraiya Bibi looked after them. Surraiya Bibi is still a spinster, for the sake of her nieces.

When Nusrat came to the age of 15, Surraiya Bibi arranged her marriage with Iqbal Masih in Kala Shah Kaku. She lived with Iqbal Masih for almost 14 years. During these 14 years she has never conceived a child. Due to this reason her husband’s attitude started growing vindictive. He started beating and abusing her upon trivial matters. She bore this all for quiet a long time then she decided to get rid of her husband. Then she met Salamat Ali. They started meeting often, she told Salamat about her problems. He induced her to embrace Islam which is the easiest way to dissolve her marriage. She already got sick with her relationship. She agreed after a strong persuasion of Salamat Ali, and finally embraced Islam, and got married with Salamat Ali who was already married and had four children.

After her marriage with Salamat life became miserable for her, Salamat was far cruel then her ex-husband. He used to torture her mentally, physically and sexually. She went to Surraiya Bibi (her Aunt) and told her every thing, and pleaded for help. When Salamat Ali came to know that Nusrat met her Aunt, he got violent. He brutally beaten her and locked her in a room. It is pertinent to mention here that she bore two children out of Salamat’s wedlock.

Surraiya Bibi some how, came to know about an ICC partner, she requested help. ICC’s partner took up her case, filed a habeas corpus writ against Salamat and then released Nusrat from the forceful detention of Salamat Ali after 8 years of her detention.

More over it was inspired that Salamat Ali has abducted two more women namely Azra Bibi aged about 12 years and her mother Jannat Bibi.