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Land seized from nuns to build a 4-star hotel

ICC Note:

Authorities in southern Vietnam have seized land from the Saint Vincent de Paul Congregation and have already allowed a tourist company to begin construction of a 4-star hotel in place of an orphanage.


5/20/08 Vietnam (AsiaNews) “Provincial authorities have begun the construction of a hotel on 10,235 m2 of land that belongs to the Congregation of Saint-Paul,” Bishop Thomas Nguyên Van Tân said. “We cannot accept this solution imposed by those who hold power in their hands. We cannot remain silent because silence at this point in time means complicity and accepting an injustice.”

Starting in April 1977 the authorities began seizing land and buildings as part of their drive to “transform society to build socialism”.

On 6 September 1977 they took over the convent/orphanage complex from the nuns, sending away its young inmates, including disabled children.

At the same time they seized other buildings belonging to the diocese, jailing many priests and sending home tens of consecrated people.

For the past six years the nuns have been trying to the get the land and the building back in order to use for its original purpose, namely to house and help abandoned and disabled children. But their efforts have met with no response. Instead a 4-star hotel is now supposed to rise on the same spot.

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