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House Church Members Detained in Guizhou Province / Government Officials Arrest Volunteer House Church Earthquake Aid Workers

ICC Note:

The house church that was raided and ordered to stop their activity on March 15, was disrupted again on the 29th. Despite being read the law and regulations which should protect the Chinese believers’ rights to worship, many of the members were detained and charged with “participation in an evil cult” and “disturbing the social order.” All were released on May 20, though they were forced to pay 1500 Yuan for their meals while in detention.

House church members have also been turned away and even arrested for attempting to volunteer aid to victims of the recent earthquake.


5/20/08 China (ChinaAid)

CAA has learned that on March 15, 2008, several house church members were gathered at the home of Wu Yaohua in Erli Village, Xishui County, Guizhou Province, when several police officials disrupted their meeting and ordered the members to stop their activities. The officials confiscated hymn books and leaflets from the house church.

Police officials disrupted the church meeting again on March 29. One of the house church members, Wu Guangqing, began to argue the legality of the gathering by reading to the officials the law and regulations regarding citizen’s rights of Religious freedom. The officials ignored his remarks and confiscated Bibles, flashlights, and the book of law and regulations that Wu had read from.

This case is yet another incident revealing the pretentiousness of this Government’s policy on tolerance and religious freedom. In no way were these church members afforded fair or adequate treatment concerning proper legal procedure which is a constitutional right afforded to all Chinese citizens.

CAA has also learned that Government officials have turned away and also arrested some house church members who have volunteered to help those who have been affected by the recent devastating earthquake in Sichuan Province. These actions are comparable to the recent events in Myanmar, where the ruling Junta refused free aid while thousands of victims suffered without food or shelter.

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