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Christian Factory Worker Accused of Blasphemy for Refusing to Convert to Islam

ICC Note: While a young Christian man was eating lunch in his factory’s cafeteria, some of his co-workers approached him and tried to convince him to embrace Islam. When the young man refused, his co-workers accused him of blasphemy and wanted to have him burned alive and his family stoned to death.

05/21/08 Pakistan (ICC) – Danish Masih a 25 years old man was working in the Attock Armaments factory from last 5 years. There were only two Christian men working in the factory. According to the information the majority workers of the factory is occupied by Taliban (Islamic extremists group). Danish and his family are residing in this area from last 40 years, and possess a reasonable property.

Danish was approached by some of his co-workers named Arsalan and others to embrace Islam. They kept on pressurizing him to convert his religion by giving him different examples of Holy Prophet and enticing him the profits of his conversion.

Then on 20th May, 2008 when Danish was sitting in the canteen (cafeteria) of the factory, Arsalan and his companions came their chasing him, and asked the waiter not to serve Danish and his friend unless they embrace Islam. Danish got furious and asked them to leave, moreover he said that he is the true believer of Christ and believes that all other Religions are false except Christianity.

The conflict got the shape of dispute and Arsalan and his friends made it a matter of Blasphemy and gathered the whole factory workers saying that this Kafir (Atheist) has committed Blasphemy against the Holy Prophet.

The workers of the factory that comprised mostly of Taliban’s became enraged and decided to burn Danish alive and stone his family to death. The Managing Director of the factory called police and kept Danish in his custody. Later after settling down the situation for the time being he suggested Danish to leave at once from Attock with family.

Danish left for Abbottabad and mean while he contacted an ICC partner, which sent a team for fact finding to Abbottabad at once and arranged a safe place for Danish and his family.

Meanwhile ICC’s partner was in constant contact with the team, Danish and Altaf (paternal Uncle of Danish). They contacted the police station of Attock, and talked to the Investigation officer named Anjum on the following contact number 057-9316038, after inquiring about the incidence, he told that the complainant named Mehtab shah is missing. Police is in close contact with the M.D of the factory and the group of frustrated extremists who wanted to kill Danish. He said that police will not file an FIR (First information report) until they will receive an application about the incidence through complainant, other wise they will not register the case. Asking about the situation, he said the people are very angry, of course they will not leave Danish and his family alive. It is very difficult for the police to protect them. We suggest them to stay out of their homes.