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Christians Gather for North Korea Freedom Week

ICC Note:

North Korea Freedom Week helps to raise awareness for the 500,000 North Koreans who have been forced to flee their country because of famine, politics, and religion. Christians, an estimated 200,000 in the country, live their faith underground and must be on constant guard for the regime’s concerted efforts to stomp out the church.


4/30/08 North Korea (MNN)

Yesterday, hundreds of people gathered in the United States capital to openly protest the regime. Speaking from the rally, President of Open Doors USA Carl Meoller says, “It’s very important for us to join together with other organizations and to gather here in Washington DC to make the world notice that tens of thousands of Christians and millions of North Koreans are suffering today under that regime.”

The Korea Freedom Week began in prayer on Sunday. This week human rights advocates will go before Congress to voice their concerns.

“The government of North Korea has become quite adept at infiltrating house church cells in North Korea of Christians. They’re specifically having agents masquerade as secret believers and infiltrating these house church networks to expose the leadership.”

Children are also pawns in the attacks. Moeller says, “Children are tricked by teachers into revealing that their parents are Christians by simply asking, ‘Do you have a book like this (a Bible) in your home?’ And the little children raise their hand, and of course when they do, they’re visited by the police and then taken away in the night.”

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