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Locked in a Room for Four Hours

Gospel for Asia
4/22/08 ORISSA, INDIA (ANS) — On April 14, for nearly four hours, seven women from a Gospel for Asia Bible college in Orissa were forcibly confined to a room.

The women had been sharing the love of Christ in a village near the Bible college. When they offered a Gospel tract to a local government official, he turned it down and started arguing with the students instead.

He then locked them in a room and brought in local journalists to take pictures of them. Finally, the official forced the Bible college students to write a letter indicating they were spreading the Christian religion in that area. In the state where missionary Graham Staines and his sons were martyred and where anti-conversion legislation is being enforced, this was no small matter. It was a situation that could have potentially led to great danger for these women.

The students were contained in the room throughout the morning and released early that same afternoon.

These women missionaries in training request prayer that God will help them stand firm in their faith and bring His name glory in these difficulties. They also ask for prayer that the government official who opposed them will experience a change of heart and choose to follow Christ.