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Love for our “Muslim brothers and for Iraq ” in Mgr Rahho’s Will

ICC Note

Archbishop Paulos Faraji Rahho was kidnapped by Muslim extremists and later found dead in March 2008. In his will dated August 2003, the archbishop conveyed the message of love and hope.

April 20, 2008 Iraq (– In his Will Mgr Paulos Faraj Rahho, the Chaldean archbishop of Mosul who was found dead last 13 March 14 days after he was abducted, delivers himself fully, totally and without limits into the hands of God. In his last wishes, published by the Arabic-language website and dated 15 August 2003, the prelate killed by Islamic terrorists sends a strong message of love and brotherhood to all religious communities in his “Beloved Iraq”, remembering with particular tenderness the disabled people cared for by the ‘Charity and Joy Brotherhood” he founded in 1989.

In commenting the Will Fr Amer Youkhanna, a Chaldean clergyman from Mosul , said he was “struck” by what his bishop had to say about death.

“In saying that life after death is the continuation of giving oneself to God, but in ways that are greater and more infinite, he is telling us that what awaits us is not only a ‘passive’ reward but a life in which the Lord involves us more with Him.”

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