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Christian Iraqis Can’t Leave Jordan

ICC Note

Some Iraqi Christians are not allowed to immigrate to United States because they paid ransom to Islamic terrorists in order to free kidnapped members of their families.

April 15, 2008 Iraq ( refugees who lost everything when they fled their homeland in Iraq now face a new hurdle on their way to a new life.

They are being told by the United States government that their refugee applications has been denied because they have provided “material support” to terrorists.

“They told me, you have helped terrorists and so cannot come to America ,” said Sanaa Boutros Hannah.

She and her husband, Ayad Barkho, fled Iraq last year after Muslim terrorists had kidnapped their daughter.

The kidnappers demanded they pay a $10,000 ransom if they ever wanted to see their child again. And so they raised the money frantically from friends and relatives.

“If it was your son or your daughter who was kidnapped, what would you do?” she asked.

The Barkhos are not alone. At a meeting with Father Ammunual Istifan Issa al Bana, a Syrian Orthodox priest who ministers to an Iraqi congregation in Amman , dozens of Iraqi refugees said they knew of at least 50 families who had received similar letters in recent months.

Newsmax has interviewed several dozen Iraqi Christians who have told harrowing stories of ransoming their relatives and who have not yet received such letters. But apparently, they soon will.

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