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Made in China: Wholesale Persecution

ICC Note:

The Institute on Religion and Democracy released a press release criticizing the Western media for their “salad bar”-like mentality when it comes to protesting China’s injustice toward only a few select groups. The Western media has particularly de-emphasized the issues of Christian persecution and the forced abortion and sterilization of Chinese Christian women.


4/8/08 China (ChristianNewswire)

Human rights activists in London, Paris and San Francisco are aggressively protesting the human rights violations of host nation China as the Olympic torch progresses across the world towards the games in Beijing.

Political figures like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have echoed media coverage featuring the Tibetan cause, but there has been a de-emphasis or failure to cover Chinese oppression against Christians and the forced abortion and sterilization of thousands of women in eastern China.

IRD Director of Religious Liberty Programs Faith J.H. McDonnell commented,

“Chinese activists and dissidents realize that we must confront China’s Communist government on behalf of all who are being repressed and persecuted, even when Western protestors only see China’s injustice towards a few choice groups.

“…It does not do justice to the cause of freedom when Americans and other Westerners vocally and vigorously speak out only about China’s human rights violations in Tibet, but not the persecution of Christians.”

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