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Italy: Christian convert cancels Spain trip due to poor security

ICC Note: It is a shame that a recent convert to Christianity was not able to present his book in Spain because of death threats he has received for his conversion.

4/9/08 Spain (AKI) – Magdi Allam, the former Muslim who provoked an international controversy when he converted to Christianity has cancelled a visit to Spain due to concerns about his safety.

Allam, an Italian journalist and author who was born in Egypt, was scheduled to present the Spanish edition of his book at the San Pablo-CEU University on Wednesday in Madrid.

But the author’s Spanish publishing house, Ediciones Encuentro, said he had cancelled his visit because authorities could not provide adequate security for him.

Carmen Salgado, director of Allam’s Spanish publishing house, Ediciones Encuentro, told Adnkronos International (AKI) there were concerns about the author’s visit because he had faced death threats.

“This is the first time that any of our authors have faced death threats,” Salgado told AKI. “Our authors do not usually face such threats.”

Pope Benedict XVI baptised Allam in a highly-publicised ceremony at the Vatican during Easter festivities in Rome in March. His conversion provoked an angry response from Muslim clerics and academics in Italy and the Middle East.

The Spanish title of Allam’s book is, Conquering Fear – My life against Islamic terrorism and the unconsciousness of the West… [Go To Full Story]