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Nigeria : We’ll Resist Membership in OIC -Can

ICC Note

Nigeria is a secular state where Christians and Muslims as well as followers of traditional religions live. The country’s Christian leaders are wondering why Nigeria joins Organization of Islamic State, an organization with agenda of protecting interest of Muslims.

By John Shiklam and Innocent Okonkwo

April 2, 2008 Nigeria ( Association of Nigerian (CAN) in the 19 Northern States yesterday said it would resist Nigeria ‘s membership of Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC).

Secretary General of the association Elder Saidu Dogo said Nigerian Christians were surprised by Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Alhaji Tijjani Kaura’s revelation that Nigeria is now a full member of the Islamic body.

He said his group was suspicious when President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua attended the organisation’s conference in Senegal recently.

“We don’t know why everything regarding Nigeria ‘s membership to this organization is shrouded in secrecy. This is a serious national issue. We are surprised that this thing is shrouded in secrecy. As far as we are concerned, Nigeria is not a member of this organization because nobody has come out to explain things to us.

” What we heard was that President Yar’Adua went to Senegal to attend the OIC conference. We were surprised that the president attended the conference and we were going to ask questions.

” Nigeria is a secular nation and it has no business joining an association of any religious body. If Nigeria is now a full fledge member of the OIC, then we insist that the country should also become a member of the World Council of Churches (WCC). That is the equivalent of the OIC. If Nigeria is registered as a full member of the WCC, then we know that justice and fair play is being done.

” Nigeria is not a Muslim country. It is a country made up of both Christians and Muslims including traditional worshippers. So it is absolutely wrong for the country to be dragged into an association that is mainly for countries that are predominantly Muslims. We reject this in totality and we will protest against it unless Nigeria is also registered as a member of the World Council of Churches” Elder Dogo said.

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