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Egypt’s Coptic Church Warns Authorities Over Religion Change Controversy

ICC Note:

The head of Egypt’s Coptic Orthodox Church has warned Egyptian authorities his denomination will not recognize an Egyptian court ruling that Copts can convert to Islam, obtain a divorce, and then return to the Coptic faith


04/03/2008 Cairo, Egypt (BosNewsLife)– “We only abide by the Bible,” Pope Shenouda III told Egyptian media. He added that the court ruling had only “civil, not religious” authority, reported Catholic World News (CWN) agency.
He spoke as a senior judge appealed a February court ruling that 12 converts to Islam who “reconverted” to Christianity, can have their Christian faith officially recognized.
The country’s top court ruled that Christians who become Muslims to exploit Islamic laws allowing easy divorce, may return to their original faith.
The Coptic Orthodox Church does not recognize divorce, although it does provide for the annulment of marriages in case of adultery. Copts who obtain a civil divorce are not allowed to remarry in the church.