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Vietnam war rumbles on, Christians branded ‘the enemy’

ICC Note:

Release International affirms the increasing persecution of Christians in Vietnam after returning from a recent fact-finding mission in the country.


3/30/08 Vietnam (ChristianToday)

Release International has completed a fact-finding visit and finds the Vietnam War is still rumbling on – with Christians now regarded as the enemy, says one of the leading persecution watchdogs, Release International.

Christians in Vietnam are being targeted as ‘agents of America’. They describe torture and near starvation as the authorities threaten to kill them slowly.

‘Esther’ and ‘Deborah’ and former prisoner ‘Silas’ have been telling Release International about the ordeal suffered in jail by Christians calling for true freedom of worship and the return of land seized by the authorities. They tell their story in the latest edition of the webcast World Update on the Persecuted Church, available on

Esther described how they set about ‘Abraham’, her husband, with a wooden club spiked with two long nails. Then they turned a snarling Alsatian on him, before lashing his unconscious body to their Jeep and dragging it along the road.

When they finally permitted Esther to see her husband she says: “He could not recognise me. He was like a dumb man. They had beaten him in the face and broken his jaw. He could not talk.”

Esther and Abraham are Christians, from one of the mountain tribes of Vietnam.

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