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Pakistani Christian Leader Concerned about Decreased Representation in Parliament

By Jeremy Reynalds
3/10/08 Pakistan (ANS) — The head of the Pakistan Christian Congress is concerned about the decreasing number of seats for Christians in the country’s parliaments.

The Pakistan Christian Post reported that Nazir S Bhatti called the situation a conspiracy against 16 million Christians that is designed to end their voice.

The Post reported that Bhatti said, “We had six seats in the National Assembly of Pakistan in 1973, which were reduced to four in 1985. It is strange that in 2008 we have only three seats. We had two seats in the Sindh Assembly, which is also reduced to only one.”

Bhatti added, “The seats of Hindus have increased under pressure (from) India, when Hindus are (third in population) compared to Christians being the second biggest population.”

The Post said the Pakistan Christian Congress chief claimed that the decrease in Christian seats is a secret plan executed under the 2002 joint election system by the establishment and Muslim political parties.

The Post said that the joint election system, when the right to vote is taken from minorities, Islamic politicians are able to select Hindus rather than Christians.
The Post reported that Bhatti added, “Christians are feeling unrest on selection of their leaders by Muslim political parties in the National Assembly and provincial assemblies. We demand … seats in (the) parliaments for Christians …”