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Hindu Radicals Beat Up Pastor in India

By James Varghese
3/19/08 MADHYA PRADESH, INDIA (ANS) — A pastor has been beaten up by a group of Hindu radicals.

According to a story on the web site, the assault occurred on the evening of March 11 in Madhya Pradesh, India.

When leaving his house, Pastor Tulsi, 26, was attacked by members of a Hindu militant group called RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh).

According to the web site, when he was assaulted Tulsi (who works for an Indian evangelical team), was holding a copy of Jesus Calls magazine and his organization’s brochure.

The story on said the Hindu militants snatched the material from Tulsi and started to beat him up. Later the radicals took Tulsi to an area police station where the story said they locked him up, claiming that Tulsi was converting people to Christianity by force.

The story on the web site said that area believers attempted to see Tulsi but were refused permission. They were told that police needed to talk to RSS leaders before granting any visits to see Tulsi, as they feared trouble from members of the militant Hindu sect.

According to Tulsi was made to forced to sign his name on blank pieces of paper. That, the story said, would enable either the police or the Hindu radicals to say he was engaging in forced conversions.

Tulsi was apparently told that if he renounces his faith he would be immediately released, but he refused.

The writer of the story asked that people pray for Tulsi.

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