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Church Building Construction Opposed

Gospel for Asia
3/18/08 JHARKHAND, INDIA AND NAGALAND, INDIA (ANS) — Gospel for Asia missionaries in two Indian states, Chandra in Jharkhand and Khota in Nagaland, recently faced opposition and threats as they tried to construct church buildings.

A group of people threatened Chandra and a member of his congregation after they laid a foundation for his building. The group of nearly 60 villagers told church members they will face “dire consequences” if they persist with construction in their village in Jharkhand.

Chandra and his congregation began construction on the church’s foundation in late February. Just days later, a group of people from a nearby village approached them and told them not to build the church there. Chandra delayed any more work until two days later, but soon the group came again-this time, with nearly 60 angry villagers.
After destroying the work done so far on the church building, the mob threatened Pastor Chandra and the Christian who donated land for the church.

This is not the only recent incident of opposition to constructing church buildings. Just a few weeks ago, GFA missionary Khota in Nagaland, India, was making plans for a building in one of the 20 villages he has reached with the Gospel. But when the village head learned about it, he told Khota not to build-and not to come back to the village for prayer meetings. However, the Lord softened his heart, and the village head allowed Khota to return for meetings.

Both of these pastors request prayer for God to provide for them to have buildings for their congregations. They especially ask for prayer that those who are behind the scenes stirring people up against the construction will come to know Christ.