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New Delhi Christians Protest against Attacks

ICC Note:

Nearly 200 Christians staged a protest on Sunday against the increased violence targeting Christians in Orissa and neighboring states.


By Jeremy Reynalds
Correspondent for ASSIST News Service

3/9/08 India (ANS) Christians in New Delhi demanded on Sunday that attacks on the community and its places of worship in various parts of the country be stopped immediately.

According to a story published on the Times of India web site, they also urged the government to take action against perpetrators of the attacks.

The Times of India reported that the demands came from about 200 Christians operating under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Church of New Delhi, as they staged a protest against violence targeting the community in Orissa and other states.

“Attacks against Christians by saffron forces have started taking place in Delhi too. Three weeks ago, activists of VHP and Bajrang Dal came to a church in Dilshad Garden and raised slogans against the community,” the Times reported that Father Dominic Emmanuel, a spokesman of the Delhi Catholic Church, said.

Emmanuel added, “We are sad and concerned. We appeal to the Center to rein in the forces responsible for such attacks. The media should also focus on the issue. Just because we do not resort to violent protests, our voices should not be ignored by the media.”

The Times reported Emmanuel added that protests were held simultaneously in all major city churches.

The demonstration was in front of the Cathedral of Sacred Heart in the heart of the city, where the Times reported there was also a street play denounce attacks on the community.