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26 Prominent Overseas Chinese Rights Activists Signed Open Letter for Worsening China Human Rights Record before Olympics

ICC News:

China Aid issued an Open Letter to the Chinese government this Saturday in regard to the country’s worsening human rights record. The letter comes on the heels of reports of attacks on two human rights lawyers.


3/8/08 China (ChinaAid) Responding to the dramatic worsening situation in China recently, CAA today released an open letter to the international community calling upon the international community to help China improve its worsening human rights situation before Beijing Olympics. The letter was signed by 26 prominent overseas Chinese rights activists including CAA president Bob Fu. CAA learned that, Dr. Teng Biao(Tony), noted human rights lawyer, was kidnapped in front of his apartment 9:30pm on March 6th. He was interrogated with a bag over his head for 41 hours. He was finally released on March 8th with a stern warning not to talk about civil rights. During the same period, a state security vehicle crashed into the car of another famous human rights lawyer, Li Heping, who was driving his seven year old son to school. Both Dr. Teng and attorney Li were strong religious freedom defenders in China.

The letter calls on world leaders, friends of human rights, scholars, athletes, and all members of the entertainment and business communities, to follow the brave lead of movie director Steven Spielberg to urge China to improve its record on human rights.

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