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Christian Believer charged with forced conversion

By James Varghese
3/5/08 MADHYA PRADESH, INDIA (ANS) — According to news reported by, a Christian believer was charged with false conversion on February 29 at Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh state.

The site reported that Brother Vijay Burman as the one who was charged with the accusation. The incident took place on February 29th. Some Bajrang Dal (Monkey Brigade) and Dharam Sena (Army of Religion), Hindu radical group activists, lodged a written complaint against him that he is converting people by alluring them by promising good jobs.

The people who live near his area have told that it is a false accusation against the believer and that he is not doing any such thing.

Previously, Vijay was beaten by these Hindu radicals 4 years back. The complaint has been lodged against him in Cantt police station. Vijay lives in Bhongadwar Kajarwara near Cantt police station which is around 14kms from Jabalpur Railway station.

He came to a Christian faith from Hindu background about 14 years back. He is 41 years old and is married and has 2 children. He is a member of Jesus the Door for Salvation Church, Jabalpur.