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Who are the Chaldean Christians?

ICC Note

Iraqi Christians are one of the most ancient Christians in the world. But after Invasion of Iraq in 2003 they are coming under attacks by extremists Islamic militants.

February 29, 2008 Iraq (BBC News) – Chaldeans are members of an autonomous Catholic Church that retains its own unique liturgy and tradition while recognising the Pope’s authority.

Chaldeans form the majority of Iraq ‘s estimated 550,000 Christians – around 2.5% of the country’s population.


Extremist targets


A number of Christian clergy have been kidnapped or killed by Sunni extremist groups, and several religious institutions have been targeted by bombings.

Estimates suggest as many as 60,000 Christians have fled the country.

Thursday’s abduction of Archbishop Rahho came little more than six months after a Chaldean priest and three subdeacons were gunned down outside the same Mosul church.


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