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Kenya rivals sign power-sharing

ICC Note

Finally the political crisis in Kenya which resulted in destruction of many churches and killing of more than 1000 people as well as displacement of hundred of thousands seems to have come to an end.

February 28, 2008 Kenya (CNN) — Kenya ‘s rival politicians have signed a peace deal to end the violent post-election crisis in which hundreds died.


Annan told reporters at a press conference Thursday: “We have come to an understanding on the coalition government.”


The deal comes after Annan met privately with Kibaki and Odinga.

“It is a crisis situation that we are trying to manage, and we need to understand the urgency and the need for speed,” Annan said Tuesday. “I trust the two leaders understand this and will work with me expeditiously to resolve the crisis the country is in. Time is of the essence.”

Kibaki’s win in the December voting was immediately called into question with election observers from the European Union saying they doubted the legitimacy of the count. Analysts said it was probable that both of the main parties had been involved in electoral fraud.

The fighting that followed the vote broke down along tribal lines. Members of Kibaki’s Kikuyu tribe and the Luos, the tribe of Odinga, have been in the middle of the ethnic clashes.


Holmes visited the region earlier this month.

“Common threads among all the displaced groups were their urgent need for safety and security, particularly for women and children, with some disturbing accounts of continuing abuses in and around camps,” he said in a written statement.


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