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Christians Encounter the Anti-Proselytizing Law

ICC Note

Algerian anti-proselytizing law of 2006 makes it difficult for Christians to evangelize in that country.

Saturday, February 23, 2008 Algeria (persecuted-church)-A number of sources point to a worsening in the situation of Christians in Algeria, particularly in the Kabyle region, which is often singled out as being a place where evangelism occurs.Last December, the Christian director of a Kabyle primary school was suspended by the Ministry of Education. According to the ministry, the director used the school for evangelism, “inciting Christianity and failing to follow the school curriculum.”* The Minister of Religious Affairs, Mr. Bouabdallah Ghoulamallah, was pleased with the decision.The director, however, denies the accusations.

In another incident, five people were recently taken to court in Tizi-Ouzou, Kabylie, and accused of evangelizing.


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