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Global Council of Indian Christians Coordinator Arrested in Orissa

By James Varghese
2/22/08 ORISSA, INDIA (ANS) — Baliguda area police have detained the state coordinator of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), Rev. Asit Kumar Mohanty, on charges of interfering in the judicial process.

According to a news story on, the incident occurred on Feb. 20.
The website reported that GCIC National President Sajan K. George said that he was told by Mohanty that the police dragged him more than 500 yards. Police also tried to assault him. George said Mohanty was harassed because he was following up on cases of continued oppression and forced conversion of Dalit Christians at gunpoint by Vishwa Hindu Parishad (World Hindu Council VHP) and other radical groups.

Mohanty was released three hours later.

Speaking to media, the story reported that George said, “Some lawyers, seemingly belonging to Hindutva groups, had lodged a complaint against Mohanty.”

The story on also reported he added, “Language is the most powerful instruments of communication. We can communicate messages of love, peace and joy powerfully through language. Unfortunately, even negative messages of hatred, communal suspicions and war are also passed on through Language. GCIC through legal advocacy, and other channels of assistance, speaks the language of Jesus our Sovereign Lord who came to establish His Kingdom of love, peace and justice on earth”.

He concluded, “The ‘voice’ of the oppressed Christian is often muzzled and snuffed out by the fundamentalist’s language of false propaganda and hate.