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Islamic extremists arrested for the murder of seven Christians

ICC Note: Six years later, Muslim radicals who murdered seven Christian charity workers are arrested.

by Qaiser Felix
2/27/08 Karachi (AsiaNews) – Pakistani police have arrested three Islamic militants for the 2002 murder of seven Christians belonging to Idara Amn-o-Insafa (or Organisation for Justice and Peace, a charity jointly run by Catholics and Protestants). The suspects are said to have confessed but Karachi police has not yet confirmed the news.

“We were trying to catch them since we arrested ten members of this organisation earlier,” said Senior Superintendent of Police Raja Umer Khattab. All three belong to ‘Tehreek-e-Islami Lashkar-e-Mohammadi, a very dangerous group, but their leader is still at large… [Go To Full Story]