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Muslim Politician Beats, Sics Dog on Christian Employee

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(February 25, 2008) The Washington-DC based human rights group, International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that a local Muslim politician, Mr. Hamza Butt, kidnapped and savagely beat a Christian government employee, Yousaf Masih, on February 6, 2008, because of a story in the local newspaper alleging that he was treating Masih poorly.

Masih, a 30-year old Christian from Ghoreshah Gala Kumharan, near Gujranwala, was absent from duty for three days due to the death of one of his uncles, according to a local source. However, a local newspaper reported that Masih had left his job because Butt was treating him unfairly due to his religion.
This so angered Butt, Mayor of the Union Council #: 91/55, that he reportedly took Masih to his office and commanded his dog to attack his Christian employee after beating him with the help of his two office staff members, Mr. Kashif and Mr. Mushtaq.
Masih was then admitted to the District Headquarter Hospital in Gujranwala in an unconscious condition. Shockingly, the medical staff at the hospital at first refused to give Masih first aid after receiving an anonymous telephone call. They only ended up agreeing to provide medical care on the condition that Masih would not ask for his medical reports.
The victim’s family attempted to file a case against the Mayor at the local police station, but the police refused their application.
A few days after the incident, Masih’s brother said, “We have forgiven the accused and shall not go for any legal proceedings.” He refused further comment on the issue.
Yousaf Masih was discharged from the hospital, but is still undergoing medical treatment. Masih is a father of four children.

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