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Mission Aviation Fellowship staff evacuate Chad

ICC Note:

Since the outbreak of violence spurred by a rebel attack on N’Djamena in an attempt to overthrow President Idriss Deby, many have fled the region, including the staff (pilots and other ministers) of Mission Aviation Fellowship.


2/23/08 Chad (ChristianToday) Mission Aviation Fellowship’s team of pilots and ministry staff have evacuated to their home countries following recent unrest and instability in Chad.

Around 160 people have been killed during 10 days of fighting, including many civilians, after rebels attacked N’Djamena in early February in an attempt to oust President Idriss Deby, whose 18-year rule they denounce as corrupt.

Many Chadians have headed for safety in neighbouring Cameroon, including MAF Pilot Mark Liprini, along with engineer Garth Moffatt and his wife Claire, who remained there for several days to respond to any requests for emergency evacuation flights.

Last week, Peter Maclure from Africa Inland Mission, shared, “All burnt out cars, looted material is being removed from the roads and people are being encouraged to return to work.

“Every effort is being made to repair buildings and to cover the fierce fighting of 10 days ago. The mobile phone networks were re-opened and the first fuel stations began to function again.”

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