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Saudi Columnist Laments Expulsion of Christians from Arab Countries

ICC Note

Islamic extremism is resulting in large number of Christians to leave Lebanon , Iraq , Egypt , Syria , Palestine and other Middle East countries. This wave of emigration is devoiding the region of its Christian population.

February 21, 2008 Saudi Arabia (Mermri)-…

“It is obvious that, today another wave of emigration is underway, and that the Arab world is being drained of its Christian residents. The rate of Christian emigration from Lebanon , Jordan , Iraq , Egypt , Palestine , Sudan , and Syria has reached astonishing proportions. Palestine in particular is facing a plan to eradicate the entire deeply-rooted Christian presence from all its territories. Christian Palestinian emigrants settle primarily in Chile , especially the capital Santiago , where the Palestinian Christian [community] now numbers 70,000. There is also a process of Christian migration from other Arab regions to Europe, Australia , the U.S. , and Canada .”


“With the spread of extremism and the prevailing lack of understanding of the basic [principles] of coexistence with the other – which were put into practice by the Prophet [Muhammad himself] – it comes as no surprise that an extremist vision dominates the religious discourse. This is what is happening today: [Extremism] has become the most powerful means of expelling Christians from their Arab motherland.


“Today, in light of these worrying signs, we cannot keep [turning a blind eye to] this phenomenon. [Christians] are leaving, not by the dozens, and not even by the hundreds – but by the thousands. Nor is this happening in secret; [indeed], it is happening openly and collectively.

“The reasons [for Christian emigration from the Arab countries] are quite clear: They include fear, worry, and other [factors brought about by] society’s failures. This second wave of emigration is a huge failure that should not be ignored – because it is the region that is losing out the most.”


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