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Christian Couple Beaten and Chased from Mosque

ICC Note

The two Christian coverts from Islam were beaten by Muslims after they refused to recant their faith in Christ.

February 20,2008 Ethiopia (VOMC)-On February 10, Jemmal Abdo (30) and his wife, both Muslim converts to Christianity, were beaten and chased out from a mosque where they both worked in the capital city of Addis Ababa , according to VOMC sources. Two months ago, Jemmal and his wife both came to faith in Christ. Soon after their conversion, one of Jemmal’s friends saw him talking with Christians and told the imam of the mosque. On February 10, Jemmal and his wife were interrogated in the mosque during a meeting called by Muslim leaders in an attempt to persuade the couple to recant their faith. The couple refused to do so, even after the leaders offered them higher positions and salaries if they denied Christ. The couple was then beaten and dragged out of the mosque. Jemmal and his wife were able to flee to a new location for safety.


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