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Sudanese Army Officer Is Held in American Official’s Murder

ICC Note

“These guys didn’t like Americans or British people,”

By Jeffrey Gettleman

February 12, 2008 Sudan (The New York Times) — One of two men arrested Saturday in connection with the killing of the American diplomat in Sudan last month is a Sudanese Army officer, a senior Sudanese law enforcement official said Monday.

According to the official, the army officer was the ringleader of a small cell of terrorists, and was not acting on behalf of the Sudanese government.


Mr. Granville and his Sudanese driver were shot early on Jan. 1, as they headed home from a New Year’s party in Khartoum , Sudan ’s capital. A car zoomed in front of theirs and opened fire, instantly killing the driver, Abdel Rahman Abbas. Mr. Granville, 33, died hours later at a hospital.

“These guys didn’t like Americans or British people,” said the law enforcement official.

According to a second Sudanese official, who was also not authorized to speak publicly, the cell was formed last year after Sudan ’s president, Omar al-Bashir, vehemently rejected the idea of a United Nations peacekeeping mission to Darfur, the turbulent region in western Sudan . The cell included operatives from other Arab countries, the second official said, and it planned to attack American and British officials in Sudan .


Last year, the United Nations warned its staff in Sudan that there was credible evidence that a terrorist cell was in the country and planning to attack foreigners. Diplomats were told to change their routes to work and be on the lookout for anyone trailing them.


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