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Church Construction Halted by Extremists

Gospel for Asia
2/13/08 UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA (ANS) — Police arrested Gospel for Asia missionary Sagar Bansi after a group of anti-Christian extremists complained about the construction of a church building in Uttar Pradesh, India. Although Sagar was released, GFA’s ministry in this village has been halted.

The religious radicals filed complaints about the building after the church’s pastor, GFA missionary Dulal Kavi, left on a trip. Sagar was placed in the village temporarily to oversee the construction in Dulal’s absence.

Falsely accusing the church of illegal practices, the angry militants convinced police to stop the building process. The police went to the construction site and told Sagar that the work could not continue because of the fanatics’ objections. Sagar followed their directions and halted construction.

Two days later, Sagar believed that the threats of the radicals had subsided and that building could continue safely. Upon hearing that the project had begun again, police arrived and arrested Sagar, telling him that if they continued again the building would be demolished.

Once some other GFA missionaries heard about the incident, they went to the police station to help Sagar. After they talked with the police chief, he was released.
Now, the extremists have filed more complaints against the church. They told police that they never want to have missionaries work in this area again. Because of these threats, GFA’s work in the village has been suspended until the threats subside.
Dulal and Sagar request prayer that the situation will return to normal and the Lord’s work will not be hindered. They also ask for prayer that the believers will remain strong in the midst of this opposition.