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India to compensate Orissa victims

ICC Note: This is a first step in healing the Orissa communities that have been devastated by anti-Christian violence.

By George Conger
2/11/08 India (Religious Intelligence) – THE INDIAN government has agreed to compensate Christians whose homes were destroyed by Hindu fanatics in that country’s worst anti-Christian pogrom since independence.

The Church of North India (CNI) reports that the Orissa state government will rebuild the homes of Christians burnt to the ground by Hindu fanatics during the Christmas week riots, will pay compensation to the families of those killed, and give grants of assistance to those whose homes were damaged.

Last month the Church accused the Orissa state government of collusion when it declined to put a stop to the violence. Subsequent investigations by the church and government investigators have determined the attacks were part of a “well planned conspiracy” organized by a “Hindu priest named Lakhana Nanda Saraswati who visited [the area] just before Christmas and provoked the local Hindus to drive away Christians from the village. Soon the news spread across Kandhamal and anti-Christian attacks were made… [Go To Full Story]