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Degar Christian’s home burned at night by Vietnamese Security Police while her family was sleeping

ICC Note:

After being taken in for interrogation by the Vietnam Security Police for questioning in regard to her husband in the United States, a woman was released only to have her home burned to the ground while she and her children were sleeping inside.


2/10/08 Vietnam (ChristianNewsToday) A Montagnard Degar Christian was injured when her family’s home was burned down during the night by Vietnamese Security Police.

The incident occurred in the commune of De Ar after the mother, named H’Aner, was taken in for questioning by the Vietnamese Security Police.

The Montagnard Foundation says that from 7AM until 3PM, the Vietnamese security police tried to convince H’Aner to agree with them and go to the United States, but she would not agree so they let her go back home.

Later that night, while H’Aner and her three children, H’Aman age 12, H’Anai age 9 and H’Ananh age 7, were sleeping inside the house, at approximately 1:00AM the next morning, their home was set on fire. The house was completely destroyed.

H’Aner suffered severe burns to her left hand and arm, and continues to recover. The severity of her injuries makes it difficult for her to care for her family and the scars will remind her daily of the brutality of the Vietnamese security police, which could have easily taken the lives of her family and herself.

The Montagnard Foundation says the Vietnamese government is targeting Siu Di and his family because they are dedicated Christians and Siu Di, who resides in the United States, is supportive to MFI.

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