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Indonesian magazine sorry for Suharto’s Last Supper cover

ICC Note:

After numerous phone calls and letters and a protest from Christians, an Indonesian magazine apologizes for its parody cover of the Last Supper with Suharto inserted at the table as Jesus.


2/6/2008 Indonesia (Reuters)

Weekly magazine Tempo’s cover showed a sketch of Suharto, who died at 86 last month, sitting at a table surrounded by his children in a parody of the last meal Jesus had with his disciples as depicted in Da Vinci’s painting.

Christian activists visited Tempo’s building on Tuesday to protest the cover which they said compared Suharto to Jesus.

Indonesians are divided over the legacy of Suharto, who was ousted in 1998 amid political and economic chaos.

The former general is credited by many for pulling millions of Indonesians out of abject poverty, but his 32-year “New Order” government was blamed for the deaths of hundreds of thousands and Suharto and his family have been accused of salting away billions of dollars.

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