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Kenya diocese evacuates Catholic priests and personnel from violent areas

ICC Note

The conflict in Kenya is escalating and forcing churches to evacuate ministers. On Saturday a catholic father was beaten to death in what is becoming an ethnic cleansing campaign in some parts of the country.

Nairobi, Jan 28, 2008 / 05:31 pm (CNA).- Following the brutal killing of a Catholic priest on Saturday, the Diocese of Nakuru began an operation on Monday evening to evacuate Catholic personnel trapped by continuing ethnic violence, the Catholic Information Service for Africa reports.

Priests and church workers from 10 parishes in the Kalenjin heartland in central western Kenya were evacuated. This comes after members of the Kikuyu and Kisii communities have been targeted for violence after December’s contested elections triggered attacks that have killed 800 people nationwide.

On Saturday Father Michael Kamau Ithondeka was killed by armed youth at a roadblock near Nakuru. He was beaten to death with crude weapons. AFP reports that 64 people have been killed in Nakuru since the fighting started.


In Gigil town, two people were killed, houses were burned, and businesses were closed down. About 800 people had taken refuge in a Catholic parish compound.


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