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Solidarity and donations are not enough, the Iraqi Church needs concrete projects

ICC Note

Iraqi Christians are the most defenseless group in the country. They are attacked by Muslim extremists and are forced to flee the country in great numbers. This article deals with how the Iraqi Christians should be helped.

By Louis Sako

January 28, 2008 Iraq (AsiaNews) – The attacks that struck Christian targets in Baghdad , Mosul , and Kirkuk this month represent a clear message, and conceal straightforward questions: “With whom are the Christians aligned? What do they want? What political position do they have? What are their intentions for the plain of Nineveh?”. After the bombs that exploded between January 6 and 17, the topic of the survival of the Assyro-Chaldean Church in Iraq has come back under the scrutiny of the Western media and public opinion. The West shows us great solidarity, and money is made available to the government of Kurdistan . But a perspective is lacking, in part because we ourselves, the Iraqi religious leaders, have not offered one. We have not told the world what we expect and what we need!


The question that requires an urgent and decisive response is: “How can the Iraqi Christians be helped?”. Our Church must reorganise itself and update not only its structure, but also its message. To survive these times, we need a strong Church, with a clear pastoral and “political” vision, with precise plans not only for protecting its faithful, but also for fostering reconciliation.


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