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Update: Praying for Freedom

ICC Note:

A more detailed look at the Canadian Christian imprisoned in North Korea and the efforts of his family and community to secure his release.


1/24/2008 North Korea (EdmontonSun)

Friends and relatives were praying last night for an Edmonton humanitarian worker who has been languishing in a North Korean prison for nearly three months.

Je Yell Kim, 50, has been held by the North Korean authorities since Nov. 3. The reasons are unclear.He is reportedly being kept on charges related to North Korean national security.

Jin Chong, Kim’s son-in-law, said the family would not comment but are planning on issuing a press release in the next few days.

Ted Lipman, Canada’s ambassador to South Korea who is responsible for Canada’s affairs in North Korea, is expected to make a trip to the North Korean capital of Pyongyang this week. The family has expressed hopes that trip will free Kim.

A prayer blog has been set up to support Kim.

The blog, at, states Kim has spent 10 years delivering humanitarian service to his native North Korea.

He was ordained as an interdenominational Christian pastor during his time in North Korea.

Kim reportedly held religious services for foreign aid workers in the area.

Working in North Korea is perilous, said Chris Moore, director of Colorado Springs-based Alpha Relief, a Christian humanitarian aid organization working in North Korea.

“Anyone who is working as a foreigner in North Korea is going to be observed on a very regular basis.

“Very often they will be followed. You can pretty much count on any of your communications in any form being monitored by the government, and any contacts that you have being monitored by the government,” said Moore.

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